Sunday, 15 July 2012

Houdini the atheist dog

This week I took a stroll up the road to go and deliver the number of our fabulous dog walker to a lady that lives a few houses up. Deep in thought about how I can convince the government to make chocolate count as 1 of our 5 a day, I heard the sound of running paws behind me. I turned around to see my dog flying down the pavement towards me, ears flapping in the wind and a huge doggy grin on her face. She came bounding over as if to say, ‘You forgot me!! But don’t worry, I got out of the house and here I am! Aren’t you happy??’

Before we got our lion sized dog, I never understood how loyal a dog can be. She loves us so much that being left behind when we go about our daily lives really really upsets her. So she has worked out a way to ensure she is with us at all times- she can open the front door and let herself out. Now this is not a good thing.... She has escaped 3 times so far and thank goodness she has not been hit by a bus or frightened the life out of some poor parent walking their toddler down the road. The solution is to keep the middle door shut for the moment- that is until she works out how to open that one too.

In the mean time she likes to remind me of how horrible I am when I do have to lock her in the house- she like to shred paper as I have said before. The problem is that at the moment she likes to shred any book I am reading that has anything to do with God. So I have lost some pages of my bible, my Philip Yancy books to just mention a few. I wonder if she has an issue with my love of Jesus? Or maybe I just leave these books lying around too much. Anyway, all I am hoping is that she converts from her atheism before she is hit by a bus after escaping through the front door! I don’t want her to miss out on all the open fields of doggy heaven one day!