Thursday, 19 April 2012

Conversation with a dog

Coming downstairs in the morning and finding a shredded newspaper in the lounge:

Me: akira, what is this??

Akira looks around the room: What is what?

Me pointing at the newspaper: What is THIS?

Akira: Oh that? Do you like what I have done with the look of the room?

Me: No! I like seeing the floor and I also like reading the paper before it is shredded.

Akira, wagging her tail excitedly:  But do you like what I have done? I worked so hard on it?

Me: No! For goodness sake, I have told you over and over that paper in not for eating it is for reading!

Akira: Huh? Reading? I was going to make a paper mache cat to eat later, just for fun.

Me: Do you understand that paper mache is creating a new thing, not destroying it?

Akira: What?

Me: Look just stop shredding things ok?

Akira: Can you google ‘Making cat animals out of chewed up sunglasses’ for me please??

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