Friday, 27 April 2012

Gin and dogs don't mix.

My evening walk with Akira was thoroughly amusing today. Walking along the Ham lands we came across a couple with 2 dogs .The couple however were a little worse for wear. Now I am not in the habit of judging a book by it’s cover. I am sure I looked a little nuts myself to be honest- a haze of red frizz surrounding my head and I displayed a 'ministry of funny walks' type of gait. The walk is not my fault though. I have new wellies and they eat my socks so when I walk my socks gradually slide down until they end up in a ball at my toes. Without knowing I do it really, I compensate for the 'sock slide' by sort of scrunching my toes and walking a bit like I have needles in the bottoms of my wellies...

Anyway, back to the couple. The clues that gave away their slight run in with the gin bottle were clear. They yelled ‘Hellosh’ over to me, waving their hands above their heads. I squinted to try and see if I knew them, I am sure I had not met them before. Then the ‘I am sho shorry, I am sho shorry’. At this point I had stopped and was just staring at them in a sort of perplexed way, trying to work out if they had done something terrible I needed to be mad about... but I couldn’t work it out. I noticed the man was holding the rather boisterous dog on the long line and that his partner was propping the man up. They were crab walking towards a group of trees and I just hoped that the dog would not notice the squirrels in these trees. Perhaps I should have shouted across to my new friends and warned them but I didn’t. (note to the couple: if you are reading this then ‘I am sho shorry’).  The big dog saw the squirrels and made a dash, the line went taut and the man was catapulted over to the trees. His ‘supportive’ partner clung on to him for dear life and so the couple practically flew towards the trees. At this point I thought I had better retreat but as I turned I heard the man yell over to me again ‘I am sho shorry!’. Please don’t be, you have brightened up my day!

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